In the development trend of the construction industry together with the process of the country’s industrialization and modernization, the applications of aluminum are very concerned and appreciated. With over 10 years of experience in aluminum industry, NAM LOC SERVICES TRADING PRODUCTION CO., LTD has invested in a factory which manufactures solar shading and door systems, aluminum facades under NLP brand with a total investment captital of more than VND 80 billion, capacity over 1000 tons of aluminum per year. 

Our products are manufactured from aluminum alloy to create the products with high durability, good soundproofing, complete fire and water resistance, high color fastness, corrosion resistance of severe weather conditions. In order to achieve the set goals, NLP always promotes research, intensive investment in technology and acquires highly qualified human resources to respond to consultancy, design and supply of the best products for Vietnam market. .

We is committed to providing customers with products of high quality standards, clear certification, long-term warranty

Sincerely thanks and looking forward to the cooperation!